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Tattoo Cover Up Job

peacock tattoo
Here is a great example of a tattoo cover up job done right. In the before picture the tattoo was quite amateurish looking and a perfect candidate for a tattoo cover up. The afterwords result was a beautiful new tattoo that the client will be much more happy to show off.

Cover ups are an alternative to having an undesirable tattoo removed, it’s also a lot less painful, expensive, and much faster. A cover up is just that, covering up an old tattoo with a new one. Many tattoo artists are becoming quite skilled in doing tattoo cover up jobs and can help you to to create a design that you will be much happier with. The price is usually the same as getting a traditional tattoo, and when done correctly your old tattoo will no longer be visible.

There are some limits as to what can and cannot be covered though. Unfortunately black tattoo ink cannot be covered with something yellow so if you are starting with a dark tattoo you will need another dark tattoo design cover up. All areas with ink on them will need to be covered to have the best design effect.
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