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Madonna’s Puffy Pillow Face Before and After

madonna plastic surgery

Madonna has always been known for her ability to reinvent herself, but maybe the reinvention of her face has past it’s expiration date. From the above picture taken from early in her career, and the after taken as recently as December 2011, Madonna is looking pretty freaking good for a 53 year old Mom of 4… that is if you don’t ask her to turn her head or smile! The after picture featured below is Madonna just a couple of months before her facial fillers had had time to settle.

madonna cheeks

Granted, in the before picture she is not smiling but in the after shot it looks as though her cheeks are about to burst! Madonna has all the money in the world to pay the best Plastic Surgeons to nip and tuck her to look as beautiful as possible, but sometimes you need to know when to say when.

Madonna goes from Hag to Fab with Photoshop

madonna before and after

Madonna is known for keeping her look fresh, but in these before and after pics she looks like she has gone past her expiration date! In the pictures it looks like the photoshop artist altered her skin color, under eye bags, wrinkles, eye color, nose, and clavicle bone. It is truly amazing the changes that can be made to alter ones appearance these days. So remember, looks can be deceiving, almost 99.9% of all pictures you see in magazines, posters, and CD covers have been dramatically altered.